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That’s right, nothing but the best for the best and there’s no one better at vent cleaning in Ottawa, capital of the great white north, than Crystal Ducts. We’re certified, licensed, trained, and professional; yet, we’re as affordable as they come. Forget about overcharges and being talked into unnecessary services, we come in, inspect, clean, and leave you with squeaky clean ducts. Looking for dryer vent cleaning in Ottawa, and not HVAC vent cleaning? No worries, we clean all and every kind of duct, be they dryer, air, furnace, or air conditioning.
Call +1 (647) 695-2558 for the best and most affordable air duct Cleaning in Ottawa.

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Quick AC Air Duct Cleaning Ottawa

Let’s be honest, even in the great white north we simply cannot live without our air conditioners. As such, it’s equally frustrating as the rest of the world to find your air conditioner not outputting as much as it used to. And don’t worry, there’s no need to get a new system – your air conditioner’s not broken. All you need to do is call +1 (647) 695-2558 and let the best air conditioner vent cleaning in Ottawa work its magic.
We all know how air conditioners work, right? No worries if you don’t because I’ll briefly explain the concept. Air conditioners work by taking air from the outside, passing it over the coolant-cooled cooling pipes, and then circulating it through the ventilation system. However, the ventilation system gets clogged. It not only disturbs the circulation of the air but also disrupts the air conditioners’ inflow. Talk about double trouble. Anyway, this double restriction on the airflow causes the air conditioners to lose their efficiency – and if left for a long time, it will eventually damage the system.
At Crystal Ducts, we use state-of-art techniques and equipment to restore the efficiency and power of your cooling system. Our technicians will scrub, clean, and wash away the dust and debris – leaving you with clean ducts and a fully functioning cooling system.

Full Furnace Cleaning Ottawa

Ask anyone you like, it gets cold in Canada, and as the capital of the state, Ottawa is no stranger to this freezing breeze. And you could pay me to sit in this bitterly cold air for an hour – so, turn on that furnace, sit back and enjoy some hot cocoa. But wait, what if your furnace isn’t working properly? What do you do then? Before I tell you what to do, hear me out on what not to do, that is, don’t call for a system replacement. Call instead +1 (647) 695-2558, and let us, Crystal Ducts, take care of the problem.
Furnaces, like air conditioners and dryer vents, require functional vents to work properly. However, when these vents get clogged, the furnace can neither fuel the fire nor expel the gasses. Other than forcing you to sit in the cold, the situation can lead to poisonous gasses escaping into your home.
Don’t panic, just give us a call and our crew will be there within 30 minutes. Professionally trained, our team will clean the vents and expel the gasses in a safe and controlled manner. And don’t worry about the costs, we provide one of the most affordable furnace cleanings in Ottawa.

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